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Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT Inc.)

SITE® (System Inspections and Technical Evaluation)

SITE® is a set of standardized guidelines and procedures for the inspection of solid-fuel-burning systems.

Documentary evidence including a valid certification number of the attending WETT-certified professional is a mandatory requirement of the SITE® process.

This table is intended to assist readers and provide the parameters for which the inspection shall be done.

An inspection at a specific level may include more, but not less than, that outlined in the SITE® table.



What is a WETT Inspection ?


WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) is recognized nationally as the self-regulating education body solely responsible for the standards-based education and certification of individuals. There is no National government agency that requires a solid-fuel-burning system to be installed, constructed, serviced or inspected by a WETT-certified professional.


A WETT Inspection is, however, a requirement that is being mandated by the insurance industry. The definition, therefore, should be communicated to all stakeholders to avoid the use of non-inspection terminology.


A WETT-certified professional does not and cannot certify, pass, fail or condemn a solid-fuel-burning system, nor render it (verbally or in written form) safe or unsafe.


A WETT-certified inspector cannot and should not guarantee that a solid-fuel-burning system will perform in a manner as claimed by the product manufacturer or builder. The inspector’s role is to verify compliance or non-compliance to applicable codes and standards based on the level of inspection conducted.


Terms and terminology used in the body of the SITE Table are included in the definitions to ensure consistency and correctness.


Every WETT Inspection begins with a complete Level-1 inspection. This is based on the SITE Table in the first column headed by “Readily Accessible.” A WETT-certified professional, as a policy or a business practice, may choose to do only Level-2 inspections. However, WETT requires that the Level 2 must include all the requirements of a Level 1. This principal also applies to Level-3 inspections. There is nothing to prevent the inspector who has been contracted to perform a specific level of inspection from conducting parts of a higher level of inspection. However, the level of inspection must be clearly communicated and understood. The documentation (report) must state the level of inspection performed.


It is absolutely necessary that members understand the SITE Table, definitions, guidelines and process. Most problems arise because WETT members do not understand or apply these principles when communicating with the client.