Winterizing Your Home


  • Clean gutters so that melting snow can drain freely
  • Remove any leaves around skylights and chimneys and away from all flashing.
  • Check chimney to ensure there are no blockages, and to determine if cleaning is needed
  • Turn off water and drain outside taps if they are not the frostproof type
  • Disconnect garden hoses to allow taps to drain
  • Shut off and drain irrigation system. May need to be blown out using an air compressor
  • Install storm windows if needed
  • Caulking to seal cracks to stop air infiltration
  • Any projections into building envelope
  • Gas lines
  • Water lines
  • TV and Telephone cables
  • Dryer vents
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Air conditioner
    • may be covered - needs to have air circulation to prevent rusting from condensation - they are designed to be outside
    • turn off power
  • Check flap of dryer vent to ensure proper operation
  • Clean screen on furnace makeup air intake
  • Check weatherstripping on doors and windows
  • If there is a vented crawlspace, provide proper venting


  • Caulking to seal out drafts - be careful if using foam in the can as it expands a large amount
    • Window frames
    • Door frames
  • Check weather-stripping on windows
  • Adjust doors for proper closure against weatherstrip
  • Install gaskets on electrical outlets on the exterior walls
  • Clear plastic sheet or shrinkable film may be used as an interior storm window
  • Clean furnace filter and fan unit
  • Balance air flow to put heat where it is needed
  • Close damper of fireplace when not in use

Mobile Home

  • Check insulation and heat tapes on water supply and drain lines
  • Maintain insulation and membrane on underside to minimize heat loss
  • Provide ventilation to flush out moisture

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