The Roof is What?

Too many people, the thought of having to replace a roof conjures thoughts of major construction, mega dollars and financial hardship. It doesnít have to be that way.

Sooner or later every roof needs to be replaced. Many people try to extend the life of their aging roof by doing spot repairs. This isnít always a wise choice. Spot repairs are temporary, and may or may not delay the inevitable replacement.

As home inspectors, we can offer our clients guidelines to help them determine when they need new roofs.

Even some home inspectors donít walk on roofs to inspect them because itís dangerous and can damage the roofing material. Using binoculars allows a close up look at the roof from the ground.

Take a flashlight into attics to check the undersides of roof decks and rafters for stains or wet spots which may be signs of active or previous leaks.

Cracked, curled or broken asphalt shingles are indicators that a roof may be past itís prime. Cedar shingles that are burnt through, rotting or splitting into narrower pieces also indicate a roof past itís prime.

Ethical home inspectors, unlike some unscrupulous roofing contractors, donít try to sell homeowners new roofs that arenít needed. Instead, inspectors can offer recommendations and information which will allow homeowners to choose from among several experienced and well qualified contractors.

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